Going over the posts I have started over the past two or is it three years now and was never able to finish. I’m finding one constant. I miss writing. I still miss it. As I am typing now I know this will end up yet another unfished thought. Because the days are long and the night is short and sleep is calling me again.

One day I’ll write a book but I can’t even write a blog post. Time for a plan.


written: February 25th, 2014 at 9:31pm
published: January 2nd, 2016 at 9:31pm

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Spirited Doesn’t Quite Cover It

You know those people you meet in life. The ones that are scrappy and determined. Nothing stops them from getting what they want. Now imagine them as a toddler with all of these wonderful adults traits. Now imagine there are two of them. Welcome to my life.

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It’s Getting Easier

Whew! It’s been months since I last updated this site, in fact it feels like it’s been a year. Things have been moving right along. Our baby boy joined us 7 weeks ago and our daughter turns two next month. Having two children in the house under the age of two is… well it’s hard. I’m not gonna sugar coat it nor am I looking for sympathy, though a glass of wine would be nice.

The good news is it’s finally getting easier. The non stop screaming from both of them has finally calmed down. Charlotte is realizing Quinn is here to stay and that she’s still the sparkle that lights up her daddy’s eyes each day.

The dishes are done, both kids are in bed, the living room is clean and I actually had a hot meal for dinner. I even had enough energy to write for the first time in so many months. Definitely getting easier. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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Cake Pops and Champagne

My darling daughter turned one this month and I felt the need to celebrate this occasion with a party. Mostly as a celebration that we had actually survived our first year of parenthood and also as an excuse to drink champagne. I love any reason to drink champagne.

Now you should know right from the start that I don’t really love sweets, or chocolate or cake. Please don’t hit me I just wasn’t born with a sweet tooth. The only time I really showed much interest in dessert was during my pregnancy and I showed a lot of interest. 67 pounds worth of interest, so I wasn’t very interested in serving cake. I make most of the food I serve at parties and there was no way I was baking a cake that big so I decided to serve cake pops. You know those fabulous little bites of cake on a stick made famous by Bakerella? should be easy right? I mean Starbucks sells them and it seems like every good mid-western housewife knows how to throw together a batch, why not try it?

Why indeed. All I have to say is screw you Bakerella. Screw you and your stupid delicacies on a stick that people describe as “perfect little bites of heaven.” What, cupcakes weren’t good enough? You had to go and raise the bar for women everywhere? Who’s gonna want cupcakes at their party when they can have cute little bites of cake shaped like Hello Kitty?!

But in all seriousness, cake pops are quite amazing and Bakerella isĀ ingeniousĀ for coming up with them. They seem to be pretty popular and it turns out they are absolutely perfect for parties. Now that I’ve been through the initial hazing I think they will be much easier to execute next time. Either way, It turns out they were they were completely worth it, just like having our daughter. Cheers to that.

Photo from @JessicaGottlieb's Instagram

These are the cake pops I ended up serving at the party, my best friend @MelissaBarlow helped me immensely.

Not too bad for a first try, eh? I mean, at least one person was able to tell that they were shaped like a cupcake. So that’s pretty good.

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Is One Enough?

We met a little girl in the airport today, she was immediately drawn to my daughter Charlotte. The girls mother explained that her daughter loves other children, often begging her for a brother or sister. She then went on to say that one was enough. My parents felt the same way, one was enough.

Being an only child I honestly don’t know what I missed out on. Maybe it is just a bunch of fighting and jealousy between siblings. All I know is, when I see the look of awe and wonder in my child’s eyes when she plays with another child I can honestly say I know that one is not enough. She will have a sibling. Someone who will probably covet everything she has and drive her crazy pretty much all the time. But also someone to laugh with, love with and share her childhood with.

Yes my daughter will have a sibling so that I can selfishly say I know she will have family to lean on when I’m no longer around.


(written July 20, 2011)

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