Cake Pops and Champagne

My darling daughter turned one this month and I felt the need to celebrate this occasion with a party. Mostly as a celebration that we had actually survived our first year of parenthood and also as an excuse to drink champagne. I love any reason to drink champagne.

Now you should know right from the start that I don’t really love sweets, or chocolate or cake. Please don’t hit me I just wasn’t born with a sweet tooth. The only time I really showed much interest in dessert was during my pregnancy and I showed a lot of interest. 67 pounds worth of interest, so I wasn’t very interested in serving cake. I make most of the food I serve at parties and there was no way I was baking a cake that big so I decided to serve cake pops. You know those fabulous little bites of cake on a stick made famous by Bakerella? should be easy right? I mean Starbucks sells them and it seems like every good mid-western housewife knows how to throw together a batch, why not try it?

Why indeed. All I have to say is screw you Bakerella. Screw you and your stupid delicacies on a stick that people describe as “perfect little bites of heaven.” What, cupcakes weren’t good enough? You had to go and raise the bar for women everywhere? Who’s gonna want cupcakes at their party when they can have cute little bites of cake shaped like Hello Kitty?!

But in all seriousness, cake pops are quite amazing and Bakerella is ingenious for coming up with them. They seem to be pretty popular and it turns out they are absolutely perfect for parties. Now that I’ve been through the initial hazing I think they will be much easier to execute next time. Either way, It turns out they were they were completely worth it, just like having our daughter. Cheers to that.

Photo from @JessicaGottlieb's Instagram

These are the cake pops I ended up serving at the party, my best friend @MelissaBarlow helped me immensely.

Not too bad for a first try, eh? I mean, at least one person was able to tell that they were shaped like a cupcake. So that’s pretty good.

6 thoughts on “Cake Pops and Champagne

  1. My Grandma gave me Bakerella’s book recently, but I haven’t even come CLOSE to attempting to make cake pops for fear that I would completely screw them up. Baking treats-on-a-stick just don’t sit well with me after I had a nervous breakdown a couple Christmases ago because I couldn’t get the ‘hot chocolate on a stick’ right… after 5 attempts.

  2. Ooh, I have been meaning to pick up her book, she has the cutest ideas. Once I got past the melting of the chocolate all was good. Now tell me about this hot chocolate on a stick, that sounds interesting!

  3. I can testify that your cake pops are amazing. I ate five at the party and hoarded the ones you made me take home. I am usually really good about feeding my guests, and they have free reign over my kitchen, but the “Laurie noms” container was totally off-limits. I didn’t share a single bite. I think E made off with a brownie, but the cake pops were mine, mine, mine. Next time you make them, I want to be involved. I don’t even care what happens to my nails.

    And you know how I feel about my nails.

  4. Ahh… I’m not usually a sweet tooth either, but something changed now that I’m in my third trimester.. I just want cakes, scones, and sweets!

    Your cake pops turned out lovely! I need to try to make those sometime. 🙂

  5. I like champagne more than sweets lately. But then again, I prefer almost all booze to sweets.

    If I’m gonna have sugar, I want BOOZE.

    P.S. She is so stinkin’ cute.

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