Is One Enough?

We met a little girl in the airport today, she was immediately drawn to my daughter Charlotte. The girls mother explained that her daughter loves other children, often begging her for a brother or sister. She then went on to say that one was enough. My parents felt the same way, one was enough.

Being an only child I honestly don’t know what I missed out on. Maybe it is just a bunch of fighting and jealousy between siblings. All I know is, when I see the look of awe and wonder in my child’s eyes when she plays with another child I can honestly say I know that one is not enough. She will have a sibling. Someone who will probably covet everything she has and drive her crazy pretty much all the time. But also someone to laugh with, love with and share her childhood with.

Yes my daughter will have a sibling so that I can selfishly say I know she will have family to lean on when I’m no longer around.


(written July 20, 2011)

4 thoughts on “Is One Enough?

  1. Adorable blog, Laurie!! As the oldest of six kids, I can say there is no relationship in the world quite like that of a sibling. It makes childhood interesting with the secret-sharing and seemingly endless squabbling, but the real relationship thrives in adulthood. My brothers and sisters are my best friends & I can’t imagine my life without them! That said, I don’t plan on having six children. Could you imagine? Two or three for Julian and I. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I completely connect with what you are saying, I have an amazing relationship with my sister in law, I wish we lived closer. I can imagine how much stronger the bond could be if we had been sisters. I could never handle six! I think two will be good for us. Can’t wait to see you preggers, it will look like you’re smuggling a beach ball.

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