It’s Getting Easier

Whew! It’s been months since I last updated this site, in fact it feels like it’s been a year. Things have been moving right along. Our baby boy joined us 7 weeks ago and our daughter turns two next month. Having two children in the house under the age of two is… well it’s hard. I’m not gonna sugar coat it nor am I looking for sympathy, though a glass of wine would be nice.

The good news is it’s finally getting easier. The non stop screaming from both of them has finally calmed down. Charlotte is realizing Quinn is here to stay and that she’s still the sparkle that lights up her daddy’s eyes each day.

The dishes are done, both kids are in bed, the living room is clean and I actually had a hot meal for dinner. I even had enough energy to write for the first time in so many months. Definitely getting easier. Let’s hope this trend continues.