Going over the posts I have started over the past two or is it three years now and was never able to finish. I’m finding one constant. I miss writing. I still miss it. As I am typing now I know this will end up yet another unfished thought. Because the days are long and […]

It’s Getting Easier

Whew! It’s been months since I last updated this site, in fact it feels like it’s been a year. Things have been moving right along. Our baby boy joined us 7 weeks ago and our daughter turns two next month. Having two children in the house under the age of two is… well it’s hard. […]

Cake Pops and Champagne

My darling daughter turned one this month and I felt the need to celebrate this occasion with a party. Mostly as a celebration that we had actually survived our first year of parenthood and also as an excuse to drink champagne. I love any reason to drink champagne. Now you should know right from the […]

Is One Enough?

We met a little girl in the airport today, she was immediately drawn to my daughter Charlotte. The girls mother explained that her daughter loves other children, often begging her for a brother or sister. She then went on to say that one was enough. My parents felt the same way, one was enough. Being […]